Una, 2013, Australia


There are 9,100 stars one can see with the naked eye from Earth. In collaboration with ANU astrophysicist Dr. Daniel Bayliss these were mapped and cut as perforations into a reflective stainless steel sphere.

Inside this orb sits another 2 metres od mirror polished sphere. By looking through one of the stars one can see a microcosm of our night sky.


Connections between the micro and the macro are suggested as are notions of absence and presence. 

The piece acts as a portal and mirror reflecting the immediate architectural surroundings, nature, one's own reflection and in turn one's relationship with oneself and the stars above.


Australian National University

Lead Artist
Wolfgang Buttress

Main Contractor
Artscape / Steelwork / NRG Piping PTY LTD, Brisbane

Civil Work

Project Manager
Artscape International