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A key part of the UK Pavilion experience is an immersive soundscape: a collaboration between human and honey bee.  Accelerometers (vibration sensors) are placed within a real beehive in Nottingham UK, measuring the energy of the bee colony and converting this to digital signals.  These signals trigger noise gates at particular thresholds, opening sympathetic harmonious stems pre-recorded by musicians. The result is a constantly changing and evolving symphony between bee and human.  Cellos and vocals were recorded live on the first take while listening to a live stream of bee sounds on 12.02.15.

The musicians and producers play and record with Spiritualized, Sigur Rós, Soulsavers, The Orb, The Verve and Spring Heel Jack and many others.

Artist: Wolfgang Buttress
Scientific Advisor/Accelerometer Data: Dr. Martin Bencsik
Production and Recording: D. Foster + K. Bales
Sound Design/hHardware Consultant in the UK Pavilion Milan: Mike Bedford
Technical Producer/Programmer:  Robin Whittaker
Technical Live Audio Link Streaming/Monitoring: Nigel Smith
Vinyl Mastering: JP

Violins: Amiina
Percussion, Piano: Kev Bales
Sounds and Vibrations: The Bees
Cello: Deirdre Bencsik
Voice: Camille Buttress
Percussion: Wolfgang Buttress
Electronics, Guitar, Melodica: John Coxon
Guitar, Piano, Mellotron: Doggen Foster
Guitar: Rob Howard
Auto Harp, Harmonica, Guitar: Jason Spaceman
Harmonium, Indian Drone Box: Youth

All Music: Bales, Buttress, Buttress, Bencsik, Foster
Arranged: Bales, Buttress, Foster
Words: C. Buttress