Venus Rising, 2012, Brisbane


Venus Rising refers to the name of Morning Star given to the planet Venus just before sunrise when it is at its brightest. It is a sculpture more concerned with weightlessness than mass, spiralling upwards with a delicate, elegant and almost ethereal energy.

Inspiration was found in the delicacy, materiality and symbolism of the Aboriginal Morning Star poles (by Yolgnu artists in Arnhem Land) Whilst not wishing to make literal reference to the poles, it is hoped that the sculpture captures some of their powerful qualities.


The 23-metre high stainless steel sculpture is designed as a visible beacon for Kangaroo Point, that extends the vertical uplift of the cliffs when viewed from river-level.

When standing inside the base of the sculpture viewers look up into a spiral formation based on the intersection of central spines of the nautilus shell. The Fibonacci spiral creates vertical transitions that instil a transcendent affect or a sense of being airborne.


The State of Queensland, Australia

Wolfgang Buttress

Main Contractor
Buttress Ltd

Goodman Metal Works (UK)
D&R Stainless (Australia)

Project Managers
SPACE Studio

Structural Engineers
Price & Myers

Architectural Consultants
SPACE Studio


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