Wolfgang Buttress was Mary Anne Hobbs' Guest on BBC 6 Music Sunday 7th Feb

Listen in to the BBC 6 Music interview from Sunday February 7th and hear Wolfgang Buttress guest on Mary Anne Hobbs' morning show.

Wolfgang talks about the success of the award-winning Hive sculpture at the Milan World Expo 2015 and the bee-inspired soundtrack from this Expo; 'ONE' that is being released by RIvertones on February 12th.

Also discussed will be the live performances of 'ONE' at the Nottingham Arts Theatre on 18th and 19th February as well as the second life of the gold medal-winning Hive sculpture as it gets relocated to London's famous Kew Gardens in the summer of 2016.

Listen to Mary Anne Hobbs' show here or click this link for more information on the upcoming live performances and imminent record release.