Lucent: Chicago

Lucent is a newly unveiled sculpture by Wolfgang Buttress, created as part of the lobby refurbishment of the iconic John Hancock Center, Chicago, USA.

"It's an extra challenge to create awe and beauty in a building as breath-taking as the John Hancock in Chicago, but Wolfgang Buttress' new sculpture Lucent on the ground floor does just that. Concentric half-spheres of points of light floating above a reflecting pool simultaneously convey a changing yet constant energy and a zen-like tranquility. In fact, the lights represent visible stars (this is another collaboration with Australian astrophysicist Dr Daniel Bayliss), and thus Lucent implies a scale even greater than the iconic supertall skyscraper itself. Lucent quietly jumps from its interior space to a cosmic level"   Herbert Wright 

images: Mark Hadden

image: Mark Haddon