Time and our sense of impermanence and eternity is a mystery that has always troubled us a species. Art and Physics can help us to penetrate some layers of the mystery.

The aim of the project is to create a multi-sensory and multi-disciplinary installation which expresses and encourages our understanding of space through art, science and sound.

Lumen is a site-specific, multi-sensory and immersive artwork. Harmonising art and science, the sculpture will respond to live data links from space,

engaging experientially with visitors and passers-by. The idea is to emotionally connect the audience to themselves, the site and the universe.

We aim to create an environment which will allow the audience to dream, reflect and ponder on our evolving relationship and understanding of Space.

This is an interdisciplinary collaboration working with NASA, Astrophysicists from Nottingham Trent University, Musicians from the UK and Taiwan, and Artist Wolfgang Buttress.



Wolfgang Buttress

Sheetfabs Nottingham

Images Courtesy
Wolfgang Buttress