The concept is to suggest the parallels and intrinsic relationships between bees and humans. A bee has pollinated every third mouthful of food we consume. The world bee population is currently in decline and in poor health; the beehive can be seen as a barometer of the health of the world.  A bee colony is more than an ecosystem: it is an advanced culture, with complex interactions and mutual interdependencies.  Parallels may be drawn with human societies.  This proposal plays upon such parallels, exploring the life of a bee colony, to promote understanding and insight.

The ethos behind the design is to create something quiet which says a lot with as little as possible.  It is a pause point and a place for contemplation within the Expo; the whole pavilion can be an experienced as a journey highlighting the honeybees’ importance in food production.

There will be a 6 month curated programme celebrating the best of UK music, culture, technology, research, design and food.

The pavilion consists of four main areas for visitor experience:

·       The orchard

·       The meadow

·       The Hive

·       The architectural programme