The sculpture is linked to 2x NASA satellites which monitor the surface of the sun for solar flare activity; this energy is expressed through an ever changing fibre optic lighting system which reflects the sun's activity in real time on the facade of the building. The colours evolve and transform over a 26.5 day period - the time it takes the sun to rotate on it's axis. Using scientific research conducted by Dr Martin Bencsik of Nottingham Trent University, the artwork lights up at night and by day acts as a sunscreen for the building, making the building more energy efficient.

The profile of the aluminium extrusions are informed by the negative spaces from lace samples contained within the Nottingham Trent University lace archive.


• 1160 aluminium extrusions

• 50m x 17m

• Live feed from NASA


Artist: Wolfgang Buttress

Physicist: Dr. Martin Bencsik,  Nottingham
Trent University

Structural Engineers:  Price & Myers

Lighting Consultants: BDP

Fabrication and Installation: Sheetfabs

Scientific Data Suppliers: NASA